NES Nintendo Entertainment System

Secrets (shhh!)

Okay, here are some cool secrets to the game that are 100% FAKE (except for Mr. Dream and Von Kaiser).  Before I revealed that I had a Phred’s Cool Punch-out hack, I had a bunk secrets page that showed how to get to fake characters.  I meant it as a JOKE because a real punch-out fan would not be fooled by my “secrets”.  However, there were a LOT of people who were completely fooled and tried these and e-mailed me back bitching about it (even still to this day).  Even when I had “Click HERE before you try these secrets” on the top and bottom of my page, and people still gave me harassing e-mails (some of those e-mails were quite amusing).  Well, to be honest straightforward, ALL of these secrets below are 100% FAKE!  Some of these characters are only available on my Phred’s Cool Punch-out hack (and the ones that are hacked appear over the original characters and their strategies are still the same too), and the rest of the characters are 100% FAKE. Sad but true, but there is no way to play against the Dragonlord, Doc Louis, or the Mario Bros.

How to get to:

Mr. Dream

This guy, you have to get the NES version that was called Punch-out, not Mike Tyson’s Punch-out.  The code to go straight to him is the same as Tysons.  007 373 5963.

Gabby Jay  *

Gabby Jay was a secret character in the NES punch-out and a normal character in Super Punch-out.  To access this character, you lose to King Hippo in the Another world circiut by running out of time.  Hold A+B after Referee Mario makes the decision.

Bobby Amaya  *

After you think about it, it is really easy to get to him.  You have to have nine wins and two losses when you get to the second Piston Honda.  KO Honda with one hit (dodge all of his hits ’til it gets to 1:00.  Then right when he comes down for his piston punch, hit him in the stomach.  If you wait too late, it won’t KO him).  Then the next fight will be the Don Flamenco lookalike, Bobby Amaya.

Jeko Knight  *

Jeko Knight can only be accessed with the newer Punch-out that has Mr. Dream in it.  Enter the code 007 373 999 and leave the last digit 0  then press UP-LEFT, SELECT, START, B and A Together.  It should automatically start the fight with the masked dude.  He kinda fights like Piston Honda in a way.

Glass Joe 2  *

The Glass Joe rematch is just like the second Don Flamenco, except he is a lot harder and he doesn’t uppercut.  After you beat him, you go on to Mr. Sandman.  To get to the Glass Joe rematch, you need to get the 0 wins code for Super Macho Man (it adds a win everytime you beat him and get the code).  The code won’t work, but it will if you press UP-RIGHT, SELECT, START, B, and A.

Von Kaiser

This guy is one of the rare characters in the game.  To get to this infamous character, you must choose a NEW game.  Then you will fight a character called Glass Joe.  If you get lucky, you can KO or TKO him.  At the win screen, you must press START or the trick won’t work.  Then you will be at the cool Von Kaiser.

Master Phred  *

Believe it or not, I was hidden in the final programming of the game.  In order to get to me is very tricky.  The reason for that is because I originally broke the copyright thingie, so they made me a secret character.  First, you must KO the first Piston Honda with one hit.  When Referee Mario says KO, press and hold reset.  Then as soon as you let go, press DOWN, SELECT, START, B, and A.  You can only tell if it works if you enter a code to get to the second Piston Honda.  The best code to use is 777 807 3454.  If the screen shows Master Phred's profile, BINGO!

Jack Hick  *

This guy is a laugh!  He is so freakin’ easy!  It is almost as pathetic to see how easy he is.  Anyway, you have to go to the first piston honda.  You cannot use a star on him and you have to counter-attack with stomach hits. One face hit will ruin it.  Then just KO or TKO Honda, but before Referee says "KO" or "TKO", press together and hold SELECT, A and B.  Then press START while holding these buttons when it says to press start.  The next fight will be Jack Hick.  You will notice right away that Jack Hick's strategy is the exact same as the bald bull demo strategy.

The Dragonlord  *

Remember the Dragonlord from the first Dragon Warrior game (known as Dragon Quest in japan)?    No?   Who asked you anyway?  Anyway, this character is impossible to get.  I have tried everything.  There is a way with a game genie.  First, you need a game genie (duh).  Enter the codes APSTAKGS and ASPSOTKG.  Then start the game and go to the password screen.  Enter 001 101 999 and make the last digit 1.  Then press SELECT, START, B and A.  It should work.

Chad Stump  *

Even though he is as fat as king hippo in the game, he is a lot skinnier in real life. But when he was little, he was a fat little spud.  He doesn't mind being in the game, but his girlfriend got totally emotional about it.  Whatever.  Anyway, to get to Chad Stump, you must KO all three people in the Minor World Circuit.  Then KO Don Flamenco.  After the ten count, hold both A and B.  Then if you see Stumpo’s profile,  press START and you will fight against Chad Stump.  He is hard to KO, but a lot easier person to fight than King Hippo.

Magic Ninja  *

To get to this ninja, you have to get to Great Tiger in the Major circuit (not in the Another World circuit or the Major circuit with 2 losses). Then you have to hit him only during the times that he gets stunned after you block his ninja punch (or magic punch, whatever you want to call it). All of his other jabs and uppercuts, you have to use your ducking move (the one where you press down twice really fast). At the end of round 3, referee mario will give the win to the Great Tiger. Just rematch him and then you will suddenly be at Magic Ninja's profile!

Earl Boyde  *

Earl Boyde was the prototype Von Kaiser. He was left in the programming though. To get to him, you must put in the code 206 882 2040. This is actually a phone number. Usually the phone number is busy, but keep putting the code in until it finally sends you to the infamous Earl Boyde.

Referee Mario  *

Yes, you can fight against Referee Mario.  To do this, you must get 10,000 points on the Great Tiger.  DO NOT TKO HIM!!!  Wait for Referee Mario to give the decision.  Right after the screen appears, press SELECT START A and B at the same time.  Then Mario will say that the winner is Mac, but right after, he will challenge you to a fight.  He fights like the actual Mario jumping more than attacking.

Referee Luigi  *

Yes, you can also fight against Luigi.  To do this, you must get 20,000 points on the Great Tiger without TKOing him.  Wait for Referee Mario to give the decision.  Right after the screen appears, press SELECT START A and B at the same time.  Then Mario will say that the winner is Mac, but right after, he will challenge you to fight his brother.  He is one tough bastard, I warn you.

Mask X  *

Yes, you can play against the masked person from Arm Wrestling. To play as him, you must put in the Game Genie code ARMWRESL. Then Bald Bull 2 will be replaced with him instead.

Shadow Dude  *

This character was only in the original versions of Mike Tyson’s Punch-out (Version 1.0. It was handed out to employees of Nintendo Inc. All versions after the promo version are version 1.1).  To see if you have the version with this character on it, enter the Pass Key 003 757 5743.  If it works, then you should go straight to him in battle.  His style is the exact same as Mike Tyson’s.  If it doesn’t work, then you do not have the right version of game.  Some Emulator ROM sites might have the version, but I can't find one that has the correct version yet.

Vodka Drunkenski  *

Remember that version 1.0 of Punch-out I talked about above? Well, that version also has Vodka Drunkenski instead of Soda Popinski. They later put Soda Popinski in becase they didn’t want little kids to grow up to be raging alcoholics. Just go to Soda Popinski on that version and that’s all. I am still looking for a website to download this version from.

Rob Dezonia  *

To get to Rob Dezoner the cross-eyed stoner, you have to counter-punch Super Macho Man’s taunting uppercut three times (the one where he ducks and moves four times and then uppercuts you). You have to get all your hearts taken away and dodge his punches to get your hearts back. Sometimes you can dodge a punch quick enough and he will do his taunting uppercut without you being stunned. Hit him in the stomach to counter it. Do it three times to stop the fight and instantly go to Rob Dezonia.

Doc Louis  *

I just recently discovered that there was a hidden training mode in the game. You need a game genie and just enter the code APLQSVTA and go to a NEW game. You will instantly start off with Doc Louis in the ring. He tells you to dodge a punch and counter punch. You do that and then he just stands there and you can beat the crap out of him. He has infinite energy, so you will have to reset the game. But it is cool to actually see Doc in the ring.

Mr. Scribbles  *

This is actually more than a glitch rather than an actual character. To get this to work, you keep pressing the RESET button over and over.  Then watch and see Mike Tyson’s face (or the first match with the newer punch-out).  If Mike Tyson’s face is all glitchy, then go to the password screen and enter the code to get to the second Piston Honda.  Piston Honda will look like a scribbled mess and every other character will be glitchy or invisible.  The game can freeze a lot with this trick.

F.A.S.  *

The best fighter on the game is also the hardest to find in the game also. To get to F.A.S, you have to beat the Another World Circuit 1500 times. ....... Try it sometime.

SW7 Destroyer  *

To get to the destructive robot, you must enter the code 009 254 646 and before you enter the last digit, hold the controller in your right hand and start physically doing the robot in front of your television screen.  Then enter the last digit which is a ‘6’.  If it doesn’t work, open a few windows so .. you know... for good luck or something.

Strauss Corfam  *

This is how to get to the secret boss of the game.  The version must be Tyson’s Punch-out.  Go to Mike Tyson.  Obtain a score of over 8000.  Then after Referee Mario makes his decision, press and hold A and B.  Then let go when the Mr. Sandman picture appears.  Then after that, hold RESET for 5 or more seconds.  Go to the code screen and press 007 373 596 and leave the last digit 3.  Then press RIGHT, SELECT, A and B.  Right after, let go of the buttons and hold left button rapidly.  When you hear a beep, hold the right button until the profile screen shows.  If you did it right, you will fignt the Ultimate Strauss Corfam in the Death Match!!!

Before you try these "secrets" on your game, read the paragraph above first.

* =  These characters are a part of the "Phred's Cool Punch-out!!" ROM hack and do not exist anywhere in the actual game.

* =  These characters do not exist in any game at ALL, including any hacked versions. They are just faked pictures.